What the asterisks mean
* Things are stable and you have time to think ** You can make progress if you give all you’ve got *** Energy is high, and luck is on your side


PROFESSIONAL LIFE: *** Your advice will be much appreciated and you will be in great demand. Although you won't make any money from this, contacts formed will be most interesting. Nothing is unsolvable, no matter what others say. PERSONAL LIFE: ** Relationship difficulties are top of the agenda. If you give in on an important issue, a solution will suddenly appear. Don't be afraid to compromise on this issue. DAILY LIFE: ** It's not what you say, it's the way that you say it. Life is all about flattery and false promises this week, much to your confusion. Your workload is on the verge of being too much. Don't overdo it. If you feel fatigue, backache or headaches setting in, then take a break. ********** Your lucky numbers: 2, 11, 23, 24 Key word for the week : dedication Your luckiest aspect this week : family ********** Who to spend time with: Leo ******************************************************


PROFESSIONAL LIFE: *** A remark as to your professional performance should be interpreted as a compliment. Others are willing to give you a chance. It is not easy to handle team relationships at the moment. Colleagues are on edge and you will be obliged to pour oil on troubled waters. PERSONAL LIFE: * Don't let a seemingly complex situation put you off. Your desires are soon to be fulfilled, no matter what you may think. When confronted with a family disagreement, there is no point digging your heels in. You have to be flexible. DAILY LIFE: *** No running around please. Save your energy for later days when you will have plenty to do. Take it easy and enjoy your home. Joint finances are a source of conflict, but at the same time you can make significant savings by pooling your resources. ********** Your lucky numbers: 8, 41, 45, 56 Key word for the week : relating Your luckiest aspect this week : finances ********** Who to spend time with: Libra ******************************************************


PROFESSIONAL LIFE: ** Your usual optimism fails you and you start to see the glass if it were half-empty, when in fact it is half full. You are frustrated to see a long-term project put on hold. Once you gain confidence in yourself and gather your strength, things will speed up. PERSONAL LIFE: *** A dilemma remains unresolved and there is pressure upon you to find a solution. By next week you will know what to do, but for now, keep a low profile. Socializing is a must and you are really feeling on top of the world. DAILY LIFE: ** A suggestion or offer involving travel and good fun should not be turned down. You will find a way of overcoming financial barriers. When you find yourself losing patience and getting upset, you need to break away and escape. ********** Your lucky numbers: 10, 12, 35, 44 Key word for the week : warmth Your luckiest aspect this week : love ********** Who to spend time with: Cancer ****************************************************** CANCER *********


PROFESSIONAL LIFE: *** Competition is on the agenda whether you like it or not, and you may find yourself in the running with some real heavyweights. Your ambitions are at a peak and there is something almost ruthless about you. Now is the time to tackle some strong competition. PERSONAL LIFE: * Love affairs do not always turn out as you had hoped, and you are feeling rather hard done by. Don't be bitter. Good things will come of this. Don't judge a book by its cover. Look deeper inside someone and you will discover a heart of gold. DAILY LIFE: ** A complex issue has to be dealt with. Skimming the surface will be unsatisfactory. Look at what is really at stake and try to get to grips with the heart of the matter. Nothing is straightforward, and you are sure to have mixed feelings. ********** Your lucky numbers: 5, 23,39, 52 Key word for the week : generosity Your luckiest aspect this week : home affairs ********** Who to spend time with: Leo ******************************************************


PROFESSIONAL LIFE: ** A partnership or team situation is a source of aggravation. For once, you cannot blame this on others. It is your own state of mind that is causing this problem. Finances are picking up and soon you will be riding on the crest of the wave. PERSONAL LIFE: *** Your emotions are stirred up and you cannot relax and feel at ease. Find a way of expressing yourself, preferably to the person involved. An old flame or a past encounter reappears, and will be intimidated by your self-assurance and good humor. DAILY LIFE: *** Hard as this may sound, someone else's loss is actually your gain. Although you shouldn't shout it from the rooftops, there is no harm in benefiting from this situation. If the festive season is causing stress or pressure, then cheer up and look ahead. ********** Your lucky numbers: 7, 19, 53, 56 Key word for the week : relaxation Your luckiest aspect this week : social life ********** Who to spend time with: Capricorn ******************************************************


PROFESSIONAL LIFE: ** You may feel that the odds are stacked against you, but in fact this is not the case. Strike a balance between work and play and things will go your way. You arrive at a professional crossroads and the choice is yours. PERSONAL LIFE: ** You have an air of mystery about you which makes you most intriguing and attractive. Family relationships are tense and if you don't change your attitude towards authority figures then a conflict is likely to flare up. DAILY LIFE: ** Be tactful, and make sure you let others have their say. Your sense of humor will prove to be a great resource. Delays and deadlines may be causing stress and you have to juggle with several difficult tasks or time limits. Don't let stress set in. ********** Your lucky numbers: 6, 19, 38, 100 Key word for the week : equality Your luckiest aspect this week : career ********** Who to spend time with: Scorpio ****************************************************** LIBRA PROFESSIONAL LIFE: *** Your ambitions are strong and your dreams are vivid, but you also need to keep your feet on the ground and recognize your limits. You carry a great deal of influence over other people's decisions. You have plenty to do and no inclination whatsoever to do it. PERSONAL LIFE: ** You are not one to back out of an argument, but you should consider making an exception if you want to save a close relationship. Life with you is never dull,. You are subject to mood swings and others will be stunned by a quick turn around. DAILY LIFE: * You are in danger of losing your temper, as someone pushes you over the edge. A calm and serene approach will have much greater impact. Set yourself a schedule and try to stick to it. ********** Your lucky numbers: 9, 49, 60, 77 Key word for the week : memory Your luckiest aspect this week : romance ********** Who to spend time with: Capricorn ******************************************************


PROFESSIONAL LIFE: ** At last, you have the chance to really sink your teeth into a long-term project. Once you take a bite, there'll be no stopping you. A professional situation could get out of hand unless you take control and make sure your authority is respected. PERSONAL LIFE: ** Arguing for argument's sake is not very productive and well you know it. You would do better to try to find some common ground. Just as you have made one of your dreams come true and you should be fully satisfied, a new desire emerges. DAILY LIFE: *** Some routine domestic chores are less than enticing and you would do well to put them off until a later date when someone will be available to lend a hand. ********** Your lucky numbers: 8, 20, 34, 93 Key word for the week : renewal Your luckiest aspect this week : friendship ********** Who to spend time with: Gemini ******************************************************


PROFESSIONAL LIFE: *** You think you know what's best, but a colleague begs to differ. A public debate will be productive and a consensus can be reached. You are heading for a moment of glory; there is no doubt about it. Keep on as you are now and a prize will soon come your way. PERSONAL LIFE: ** A family problem or a romantic muddle could be a real hornets' nest, and if you dig too deeply you may just get stung. A little flattery and perhaps even a white lie will serve you in good stead. At times, this is the only way to get what you want. DAILY LIFE: ** You could do with some peace and quiet so when the chance comes along for you to put your feet up at home, then jump at it. Support from working colleagues and partners is helpful but not essential. You have enough self-confidence to make it on your own. ********** Your lucky numbers: 2, 10, 13, 92 Key word for the week : faith Your luckiest aspect this week : relationships ********** Who to spend time with: Cancer ******************************************************


PROFESSIONAL LIFE: ** An important decision regarding work has to be made. Such choices are becoming increasingly frequent and you could use some expert advice. When professional and personal issues are both blocked, something has to give. PERSONAL LIFE: ** If you put your foot down a little more often you will see that nobody dares to push you around. You are feeling dynamic and ready to take a risk. Some social or travel plans may not run to schedule and you will have to be flexible in your plans. DAILY LIFE: *** Long distance plans are on the agenda, and a journey is on the horizon. A change of scene will allow you to see a relationship in a different light. Your mood is swinging form optimism to pessimism and vice versa. ********** Your lucky numbers: 6, 8, 56, 82 Key word for the week : enthusiasm Your luckiest aspect this week : career ********** Who to spend time with: Gemini ******************************************************


PROFESSIONAL LIFE: ** Financial deals suddenly take off and things will be flying along. Don't let things get away from you. you need to keep control of a situation. Nothing ventured, nothing gained. No matter how afraid you may be of taking a risk, you have to take the plunge. PERSONAL LIFE: ** You are the center of attention, much to your embarrassment. You may be tempted to shut yourself away and ignore the obvious. You are not yet ready to let your guard down, even if some people feel excluded. DAILY LIFE: ** Make sure you look after your health, well-being and energy level. Take care of yourself - you are precious and deserve the very best. Your fiery temper or bright personality will be a subject of discussion. ********** Your lucky numbers: 12, 38, 49, 69 Key word for the week : caution Your luckiest aspect this week : family ********** Who to spend time with: Cancer ******************************************************


PROFESSIONAL LIFE: ** You have to analyze a situation rationally and objectively. You will be wracking your brains to find a way out of an impasse. You will be questioning everything and subjecting other people's decisions to review, which could cause some tension. PERSONAL LIFE: *** An emotional situation leaves you feeling rather puzzled as to how to proceed. Sentimentality should be ruled out, but you cannot ignore your heart's desires. Loved ones are lacking in energy or motivation and it is up to you to provide inspiration and encouragement. DAILY LIFE: ** Your moral is low because you feel unappreciated in a close relationship. You have to rely on your own judgment to make yourself feel better. Fatigue or stress may be reducing your working performance. ********** Your lucky numbers: 3, 24, 39, 81 Key word for the week : liberty Your luckiest aspect this week : finances ********** Who to spend time with: Cancer