What the asterisks mean
* Things are stable and you have time to think ** You can make progress if you give all you’ve got *** Energy is high, and luck is on your side


PROFESSIONAL LIFE: *** You have nothing to prove to anyone, so don't let yourself by backed into a corner. You would do well to put your foot down now before things get out of hand. PERSONAL LIFE: * What's important in a relationship is what feels natural to you, not what other people think. Follow your instincts and trust your heart when it comes to close relationships. DAILY LIFE: *** There is more to life than just work, work, and work. Your home and its immediate vicinity require attention. Your neighborhood is a source of new encounters and new activities. ********** Your lucky numbers: 12, 13, 25, 58 Key word for the week: self-confidence Your luckiest aspect: new encounters ********** Who to spend time with: Aries ******************************************************


PROFESSIONAL LIFE: *** Acting on impulse is excluded, and is likely to put you in a dangerous position. Accept that this time you have to talk about it before acting. PERSONAL LIFE: * Planetary activity suggests some long-term partnership agreements are in the air. Some decisions will be irreversible so think before you speak. DAILY LIFE: ** You are in need of freedom and excitement and you cannot find them close to home. Now is the time to get away and discover new horizons. ********** Your lucky numbers: 6, 11, 24, 37 Key word for the week: renewal Your luckiest aspect: home life ********** Who to spend time with: Scorpio ******************************************************


PROFESSIONAL LIFE: *** Don't judge a book by its cover. When someone appears to be unfeeling or uninteresting, scratch beneath the surface and you will discover a wonderful human being. PERSONAL LIFE: * Regrets will do you no good. You may have made some mistakes in the past, but the best way to put things right is to shake yourself up and look at the future in a more positive light. DAILY LIFE: *** An important relationship with a family member causes you some challenges, as you have to choose between making sacrifices and defending your position. ********** Your lucky numbers: 3, 16, 28, 49 Key word for the week : seduction Your luckiest aspect : love ********** Who to spend time with: Aquarius ******************************************************


PROFESSIONAL LIFE: *** Your planets bring you extra creativity in professional matters, and you go all out to bring your projects and ideas to the forefront. PERSONAL LIFE: ** Sometimes, your emotions clash with your practical, common sense approach to life. Let yourself go for once, and follow your heart, even if it seems like folly. DAILY LIFE: ** You have been keeping your distance from certain matters recently, and rightly so as things were excessively complicated. ********** Your lucky numbers: 5, 19, 27, 30 Key word for the week : energy Your luckiest aspect : career ********** Who to spend time with: Virgo ******************************************************


PROFESSIONAL LIFE: *** Plans laid for a journey or vacation will come to fruition easily, and a good trip is guaranteed. Opportunities to travel arise which open new doors and allow you to try new things. PERSONAL LIFE: ** Your heart is pulled in more than one direction at the moment, and you cannot quite believe the complexity of your feelings. DAILY LIFE: ** Don't let your pride jeopardize an important relationship. You'll only regret it later. Your future looks bright, just believe in yourself. ********** Your lucky numbers: 5, 20, 31, 99 Key word for the week : gratitude Your luckiest aspect : personal dreams ********** Who to spend time with: Sagittarius ******************************************************


PROFESSIONAL LIFE: *** This is a positive period for matters relating to the home, and a good time to deal with repairs and decoration, and also work on better relationships with neighbors. PERSONAL LIFE: ** Your attraction, or dare I say infatuation, for someone striking is in danger of causing you to lose sight of your personal objectives and principles. DAILY LIFE: ** Your life seems to be a little too organized at the moment, and this leaves little room for spontaneity and improvisation, which are the key to new encounters for you. Loosen up and relax. ********** Your lucky numbers: 3, 12, 19, 31 Key word for the week : honesty Your luckiest aspect : romance ********** Who to spend time with: Libra ****************************************************** LIBRA PROFESSIONAL LIFE: *** Plans, appointments, schedules and timetables are all very well, but they prevent you from expressing your creative powers and being spontaneous. PERSONAL LIFE: ** You are making steady progress in your personal relationships thanks to your commitment to honesty and to following sound advice and astrological guidance. DAILY LIFE: ** You have been living a pretty hectic life lately. Hot baths, relaxation, swimming and yoga are all good medicine. ********** Your lucky numbers: 5, 20, 35, 70 Key word for the week : communication Your luckiest aspect : family ********** Who to spend time with: Capricorn ******************************************************


PROFESSIONAL LIFE: ** You have made some positive decisions recently regarding your professional and financial goals, and things are moving ahead slowly but surely. PERSONAL LIFE: ** Don't be surprised if finds you feeling tired or low in energy. Cancel a few engagements and make time for yourself. DAILY LIFE: ** Your social life is about to pick up dramatically and you'll have little time to spare. You will suddenly receive twice as many invitations as before, and all eyes will be on you. ********** Your lucky numbers: 6, 22, 31, 47 Key word for the week : self-restraint Your luckiest aspect : exercise ********** Who to spend time with: Taurus ******************************************************


PROFESSIONAL LIFE: *** You can make an important decision whilst sticking to your principles. All you have to do is be firm with others and stand up for your ideas. PERSONAL LIFE: * There are some new people in town, and if you are not out and about, you are unlikely to meet them. Sitting at home will mean you miss out on an opportunity. DAILY LIFE: ** Your free time is best spent either alone or with those you love. Socializing with friends and acquaintances will only put an extra strain on your energy. ********** Your lucky numbers: 7, 11, 31, 49 Key word for the week : determination Your luckiest aspect : travel ********** Who to spend time with: Cancer ******************************************************


PROFESSIONAL LIFE: *** You have something to say and come what may you are going to get your message across. Not everyone will agree with you, but you are not inclined to back down. PERSONAL LIFE: ** New events will help you realize what needs to be altered or discarded to make your relationships healthier. DAILY LIFE: ** A new encounter is likely to develop into a long-term relationship over the next few months, and you have a chance to spend more time together. ********** Your lucky numbers: 2, 10, 19, 36 Key word for the week : appreciation Your luckiest aspect : health ********** Who to spend time with: Pisces ******************************************************


PROFESSIONAL LIFE: ** Day to day tasks are getting you down, and you have a tendency to daydream. Come back to earth and take a look at the situation. PERSONAL LIFE: ** Your love life is inextricably linked to travel plans for the near future, and you are wondering what will take place. DAILY LIFE: *** You need to find other people, who think like you, as you are currently surrounded by people whose mind-set is too different from your own. ********** Your lucky numbers: 7, 13, 36, 51 Key word for the week : discipline Your luckiest aspect : finances ********** Who to spend time with: Gemini ******************************************************


PROFESSIONAL LIFE: ** Beware of a new financial proposition, when a smooth-talker will try to convince you to part with your money. PERSONAL LIFE: ** The stars are in the right place for you to lay the foundations of your plans for the future on a personal level. DAILY LIFE: ** Don't give family members excuses to renege on agreements. In the long term, family relationships are set to improve. ********** Your lucky numbers: 4, 12, 30, 45 Key word for the week : forgiveness Your luckiest aspect : friendship ********** Who to spend time with: Leo