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Elios-Medium is dedicated to providing Users with pure psychic readings on a variety of topics.

Elios-Medium provides Users with our services via the Internet and by email.
Elios-Medium offers its users:

  • Free psychic services.
  • Paid psychic services.
  • Other services as agreed upon by the User and the Site.

To access the Site, Users must have Internet access either directly or indirectly through an alternative service. The cost of an Internet connection and access to the Site will remain the sole responsibility of the User. The User must also have all necessary equipment to ensure the Internet connection, including computer and modem or other connection tool such as a Smartphone or Tablet. The User is responsible for having the appropriate login and email address.



The website is hosted on a secure server which prevents access to any kind of intrusion.

To access the services offered by the Site and ensure a quality and timely response, the User must fill out the form completely and accurately. Users will receive a response as soon as the Site has availability. The Site makes no guarantee of a time frame for a response as the volume of inquiries can fluctuate without warning. In order for the Site to provide efficient services, customized to the User, the User needs to provide accurate information. Users are encouraged to check their information for accuracy before submitting. The Site is not responsible for incorrect submissions and the subsequent delays for Services.


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The User undertakes to ensure the Site doesn’t suffer any damage, claims, or demand as a result of these Services. The User agrees to provide compensation to the site for any legal claims resulting from the use of our Services or any damage to the Sites property as a result of the User.


The Site reserves the right to terminate services immediately if:
  • The user has provided false information, including but not limited to fraudulent payment.
  • The user has violated TOS of the website.
  • The user has engaged in hostile behavior or has otherwise threatened the Site or other Users.
  • Any reason not defined here which the Site deems harmful towards continued operation.

The Site provides no warranties of any kind, expressed or implied. The Site also points out the entertaining aspect of the Services offered to the users. All services are offered “As Is” and “As Available.” The Site does not warrant that the Service will fully meet the expectations of the user, the results that can be obtained using the service will be accurate or reliable, or that the quality of information obtained from the services will match your expectations. Services provided by the Site do not constitute legal advice or psychological, medical, or financial assistance. Services of the Site cannot be a substitute for a medical or psychological diagnosis made ??by a health professional or a replacement for professional legal or financial advice. The Site assumes no responsibility for the duration, termination, or mis-delivery of services.


Refunds are considered on a case by case basis. Refunds are not offered for services provided under the regulations of our TOS that the user has agreed to prior to receiving services. To request a refund please contact us.


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The Terms of Service are effective starting when the User submits information for Services and extend indefinitely.

The Site reserves the right to modify, suspend or discontinue, temporarily or permanently, all or part of the Service, without having to first inform the user. The Site cannot be held responsible against the user or any third party for any modification, suspension or discontinuance of the Service.
You are therefore advised to review the most current version of the Terms of Use.
The Site may at any time amend the provisions of the Terms of use.
In case of conflict between the articles of the Terms of Use and in case of any changes that would be made in particular to respect the national laws and current regulations, the amendments shall prevail.



These Terms of Service are governed by Netherland Antilles law. The User agrees to not break laws in their local jurisdiction with the Services provided by this Site.

Disclaimer Although We have excellent results and are highly appreciated, currently clairvoyance is not considered an exact science. The services we offer, have an obligation of means that relies on all our skills to serve our clients. Legally, we can not support obligation of results, so the following warning is submitted to you to subscribe or not knowingly: Despite all the care taken in divination and counseling, Elios medium will in no way be held responsible if you consider that the consultation did not bring you any satisfaction. Furthermore, you expressly agree that no legal action may be brought against elios-medium.com or the company owning the site. These Terms constitute the entire agreement between the Site and the User with regard to use of the Services and supersedes any agreement eventually reached earlier between the User and the Site.

In the event that any article of these Terms of Use is dismissed by a court, the parties agree to guide the judge in the appreciation of the judge to consider the common intention of the parties, the other articles remaining valid and continue to apply between the parties.